Wood Shop by Handy Dandy Brandy x MOCO Fragrances

Wood Shop by Handy Dandy Brandy x MOCO Fragrances

Posted by Morgan Conner on

We're thrilled to introduce our latest collaboration, and this one is truly a gem! Our journey spans from Indiana to the sunny shores of Long Beach, California, where we've had the pleasure of teaming up with the incredibly talented Handy Dandy Brandy.

But here's the intriguing part – our paths didn't cross at a local craft fair or through any fancy connections. No, it all began thanks to the magic of Instagram! As we explored the world of fellow artists online, we couldn't help but be captivated by Brandy's one-of-a-kind wooden creations.

Brandy's woodworking style is refreshingly unconventional. She's all about making the art of woodworking accessible to everyone, and that's a philosophy that we wholeheartedly embrace. It's about celebrating craftsmanship without the barriers, and Brandy embodies this spirit beautifully.

So, what's our collaborative masterpiece? Say hello to Wood Shop, a candle that's as unique as Handy Dandy Brandy's whimsical creations. Just like her signature boards shaped like mushrooms, pretzels, strawberries, and even a hot dog, Wood Shop is a departure from the ordinary.

We've captured the essence of a well-crafted workshop in a scent that's as inviting as it is comforting. Imagine the warm, harmonious notes of cedar, palo santo, and leather coming together, just like the pieces of Brandy's imaginative woodwork. It's a fragrance that celebrates her unconventional approach to woodworking and our love for capturing the extraordinary in every scent.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of woodworking and the joy of creative collaborations, no matter how far apart we are on the map. Just like Brandy's delightful wooden creations, Wood Shop is a testament to the magic that happens when unique artisans join forces, even from opposite coasts.

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