Side Show by Pearfat x MOCO Fragrances

Side Show by Pearfat x MOCO Fragrances

Posted by Morgan Conner on

We're thrilled to introduce our latest collaboration with local perfumer Pearfat, an exciting discovery in the realm of indie perfumery. Both Indiana-based fragrance creators with a shared passion for the indie perfumery scene, our connection was solidified when our paths crossed at Renegade Craft Chicago. From this meeting emerged the idea of a collaboration that draws upon our mutual expertise. Alie, the visionary behind Pearfat, specializes in personal fragrances, while our expertise lies in crafting candle scents. Together, we embarked on a creative journey to capture the essence of the circus—a realm of marvels and mysteries—where sweet and spicy notes harmonize under the big top.

Enter Side Show, an enchanting olfactory experience born from our collaboration with Pearfat. Inspired by the whimsical world of the circus and Pearfat's intricate, slightly feminine aesthetics, Side Show encapsulates the allure of vintage ornate art and imagery. With a symphony of blood orange, pie crust, firewood, and cinnamon notes, this fragrance weaves a narrative of fall's enchantment, perfectly complementing the transitioning season.

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