2023 Gift Guide

2023 Gift Guide

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Season's greetings! As the holidays are just around the corner, I'm thrilled to share my handpicked selection of delights that have found a special place in my heart. From my must-haves that I adore to delightful surprises that are on my own wish list, this curated gift guide is all about embracing the joy of gifting and supporting other small businesses!

For Her

1. Pearfat Parfum Bread & Roses: What began as a limited edition Holiday fragrance in 2022 quickly stole everyone's hearts, prompting Alie to make it a permanent part of Pearfat's collection. With each purchase, 50% goes to the Midwest Access Coalition, supporting safe access to abortion healthcare in the Midwest - something we truly believe in! This blend of French bread, cocoa, labdanum, rose, nutmeg, and sweet orange is all you need to embrace those delightful holiday feels.
2. Cousins Collective Gold Crying Heart Ring:  I stumbled upon Cousins Collective on Instagram and instantly fell for this crying heart ring. It's got this funky vibe with a touch of class, perfect for folks who dig gold jewelry like me!
3. Baqette Party Bucket: OMG, I can't get enough of this bag! Baqette dropped this "party bucket" leather bag, and it's become my new obsession. I snagged one of their pouches at a market in 2021 and let me tell you, the craftsmanship is top-notch. These babies are all handmade in Ohio, and the best part? They use leftover upholstery fabrics for some of their goodies! Plus, they come in a bunch of awesome colors.
4. Klei Brighten Face Mask:  I've been loving Klei's clay face masks for years. One of my top picks would definitely be their Brighten mask. I had the chance to meet their founder, Val, earlier this year in New York City. This mask is incredibly gentle, giving your skin a radiant glow and providing the perfect pick-me-up.
5. Sustain Yourself Tints: I adore my stick blush—it's a staple in my beauty routine. I'm looking forward to grabbing one of Sustain Yourself's plastic-free options when I need a refill! It's a fantastic sheer 3-in-1 lip, cheek, and lid tint. Their handmade products and commitment to sustainability are truly impressive.
6. The Tart Peach Red Nail Polish: Just ask my friends—they'll tell you, a classic red nail is essential for me. When it comes to sustainable options, you've got to check out The Tart Peach, an Ohio-based 10-free nail polish brand. They also make lipsticks and even dropped their first gloss recently. Though I haven't met them yet, I'm hoping to catch them in person at a market someday!

For Him

7. Howl & Hide 8th Anniversary Bag: Howl & Hide recently unveiled their 8th Anniversary collection featuring the playful 8 ball motif. There's nothing quite like getting your hands on something limited edition, right? H&H is an absolute cult favorite and much-adored right here in Indianapolis.
8. Bouquet of Flowers: Traditionally, flowers aren't considered a common gift for men, but I assure you they'd appreciate the gesture just as much! In Indianapolis, ANTHOS is a fantastic choice for floral arrangements.
9. Goldie Mellow Matte Paste: Another local treasure is Goldie Provisions, offering their Mellow Matte Paste, a premium pomade perfect for a friend with great hair.
10. Newfangled Truffles: Chocolate is a fantastic gift for anyone, and during the holidays, it's a great opportunity to indulge in a more premium option. Newfangled's "Best Chocolate in Town" consistently impresses me with every variety I've sampled.
11. KOA Mineral SPF: Men often need some guidance, particularly in areas like skincare. One thing I've noticed is the need for encouragement to wear SPF! It's essential for everyone. That's why I'm considering gifting some of the men in my life this Koa SPF. Not only is it reef-safe, but the packaging gives off a luxurious vibe that will surely appeal to them.
12. James Street Co Scarf: What's more indulgent than wool? A scarf is a wonderful choice for anyone, regardless of their shape or size. This particular scarf will bring a certain Lenny Kravitz oversized scarf-like charm to any man's look. James Street Co is my go to for all things knitwear. It's pricey! But this scarf is a more affordable option.

For Anyone

13. PackPack Fanny Pack: At the Renegade Craft Fair this Spring, we shared a booth with PackPack. I witnessed people from various backgrounds falling in love with their bags. Their sustainable collection features a variety of colors and patterns.
14. The Peach Fuzz Lighter: The Peach Fuzz Co's lighter would perfectly complement one of our candles!
15. Salad Days Cool Cherries Print: I snagged this print from Salad Days last year. The artistic style totally speaks to me, and those cherries are just too cool to resist.
16. Tepache Drinks: I've picked up these beverages a few times from both Whole Foods and Target. The mango chili flavor, in particular, is a favorite of mine. They could be a fun choice for the foodie in your life.
17. Handy Dandy Brandy Pretzel Board: Handy Dandy Brandy's boards are among my top favorite items... ever! Her new pretzel board this year is absolutely adorable! I'm secretly hoping someone will gift it to me!

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