MOCO's Journey into Perfumery

MOCO's Journey into Perfumery

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Embarking on the candle-making journey for MOCO Fragrances was just the beginning of a fragrant adventure. As I delved into the realm of scents, a curiosity blossomed—an eagerness to uncover the secrets of perfumery and gain a comprehensive understanding of the raw materials that form the essence of every fragrance. 

Candle-making, with its own intricacies, served as a gateway to a deeper exploration. The more I immersed myself in the world of fragrances, the more I yearned to unravel the language of perfumery. This led me to pursue education in the art and science of creating fragrances, where understanding raw materials became not just a necessity but a passion—a journey that involves navigating a vast palette of aromas.

Moreover, diving into perfumery requires more than just an artistic sensibility; it involves a commitment to adhering to regulations, especially when crafting products like cosmetics. The journey of creating fragrances expanded beyond the aromatic realms to the legal landscape, ensuring that our scents meet the highest standards for safety and quality. 

Education became a crucial ally in this pursuit. Courses in perfumery not only provided insights into the technical aspects but also illuminated the ethical considerations that come with crafting products for personal care. It's about more than just creating beautiful scents; it's about crafting experiences that are safe, delightful, and compliant with industry standards. 

As we introduce our first eau de parfum, "Sea Glass," it's a culmination of this fragrant education—a testament to the dedication to both artistry and responsibility. It's a scented chapter in the evolving story of MOCO Fragrances, and it's just the beginning. The fragrant journey continues, and I'm excited to share each olfactory discovery with you. 

Thank you for being part of this fragrant expedition! Stay tuned for more fragrance adventures, and let's continue to explore the world of perfumery together!


Morgan Conner

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