Why our personal fragrances differ from our home fragrances

Why our personal fragrances differ from our home fragrances

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As we're taking a bold new step into the world of perfumery, I hope you're as excited as we are about this new adventure!

We've received a few of inquiries asking if our beloved candle scents will be mirrored in our new perfume line. While we're flattered by the love for our candle fragrances, we're crafting an entirely new olfactory experience with our perfumes. Let me share why this distinction is not just important but necessary.

The Science and Art of Scent

First off, crafting scents for candles and perfumes is an intricate art, each medium offering its unique canvas. A scent that is enchanting and perfect in a candle might not translate with the same charm when worn on the skin. This is because of how these scents interact with their environment – a candle subtly infuses a room, whereas a perfume is a personal signature that melds with your body chemistry.

Complexity and Concentration

Perfumes are often more complex and have a higher concentration of fragrance oils. This isn't just for longevity's sake; it's about the evolution of the scent throughout the day. In contrast, a candle's scent is designed for consistency, creating a steady ambiance.

Creating Moods vs. Expressing Identity

The role of a home fragrance, such as a candle, is about setting a mood, be it tranquil, invigorating, or cozy. A personal fragrance, however, is more intimate. It's an expression of your personality, your mood, your essence. This philosophical difference guides us in crafting distinctly different scent profiles for each type of product.

Ingredients and Safety

Not all ingredients play well on the skin. Some are perfect for candles but not suitable for perfumes. Our commitment to safety means we're meticulous about ingredient selection, ensuring the best experience regardless of the product.

Embracing Variety

Lastly, who doesn't love variety? By diversifying our scents across candles and perfumes, we're exploring the vast landscape of fragrance creation. It allows us to innovate and continuously surprise you with something new and extraordinary.

As we embark on this exciting journey into perfumery, we invite you to explore these new creations with us. Each perfume will be a labor of love, designed to resonate with your individual style and spirit, much like our candles have done in your homes.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we can't wait for you to discover your next signature scent!

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