Jar Recycling

How it Works:

We’ve partnered with a few of our local Indianapolis MOCO stockists to be our official drop off locations.

Drop off an empty jar, and we'll add 50 points to your Club MOCO account for each 7 oz jar.

Step One:

Make sure your jars are free from damage. Minor chips in the rim of the glass are acceptable, but major cracks or large chunks will mean the jar must be trashed (broken glass poses a risk to recycling plant workers and can ruin an entire batch of recycled materials.)

Step Two:

Clean your jars out completely. Use the freezer method or hot water method to remove the hardened wax and then wash with soap and water. Please also remove both the main label and warning label completely.

Step Three:

Return your jar(s) to one of our partner locations. A store employee will collect your email address and will notify us to add your Club MOCO Points!

Drop-Off Locations

Lux & Ivy
1051 E 54th St A
Indianapolis, IN 46220

we hope to add more locations soon!