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Perfume Workshop at Francis & Fern

Join us for another Perfume Workshop!

Celebrate the spirit of spring and perhaps even Mother's Day with a unique fragrance experience! Join us on May 4th from 2:00-4:00 PM for an enchanting afternoon of scent exploration and creativity, complemented by a refreshing mimosa bar.

In this immersive workshop, you will delve into the craft of perfume making, creating your own 30 ML bottle from a range of spring-inspired scents like Morning Dew, Spring Rain, Lilac Breeze, Vanilla Orchid, and Motherly Love Accords.

This event is perfect for anyone who loves fragrances, is looking for a creative escape, or wants to create a personalized gift, possibly for Mother’s Day. You’re welcome to enjoy this aromatic journey on your own, with friends, or make it a special outing with your mom to celebrate the season of bloom together!

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Fundamentals of Perfumery

First up, we'll get everyone on the same page with a quick session on perfumery basics. Expect to receive a packet full of helpful references and tools that'll make the rest of the workshop a breeze.

Aroma Discovery

Before we dive into the blending, we'll take some time to explore and sniff around the different aromas you can use today. This will help you get familiar with the scents at your disposal.

Creating a Brief

Based on your initial impressions of the aromas, you'll craft a creative brief. This brief will act as your roadmap for designing your unique fragrance.


Armed with your brief, we'll move on to the blending process. You'll have three attempts (think of them as drafts or revisions) to perfect your blend. Once satisfied, you'll make a final concoction in a 30ml bottle to take home.

The theme of each workshop determines the selection of fragrances available to you. Expect to find a curated set of 20 aromas, including both accords and individual molecules, at every session.

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