New Seasonal Minis!

New Seasonal Minis!

Posted by Morgan Conner on

The holidays are around the corner and we've formulated a trio of traditional yet modern scents for the Fall and Winter seasons. Introducing our Seasonal Minis Trio: Spiced Pumpkin, Wassail, and Cypress, available in a set of three 4 oz jars!

These three fragrances evoke the nostalgia of Fall and Winter. Haunted houses, apple orchards, and snowy trees.  


For fans of Croissant... you'll love Spiced Pumpkin.

Much like the gourmand fragrance of Croissant, Spiced Pumpkin is buttery and sweet. What makes Spiced Pumpkin different is the addition of Fall spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Base notes of bourbon and tonka bean linger for a long-lasting fragrance - think boozy PSL!


Loyals to Cherry Bomb... we're begging you to try Wassail!

So... what the heck is 'wassail!?' It's like the tastier cousin to apple cider. Wassail is a boozy mulled apple-spice beverage traditional around late Fall/early Winter. Though Wassail has similar spice notes as Spiced Pumpkin - don't think they're similar! We've increased the crisp apple fragrance for a punchy fruity aroma similar to the sour cherry note in Cherry Bomb.


Love Matcha Milk and Sweetgrass? Cypress is for you.


Cypress is an aromatic scent inspired by frosty winter trees. Where Matcha Milk has a slight sweet vanilla aroma, Cypress has notes of eucalyptus. If Sweetgrass went into hibernation, it would be Cypress. It engulfs you in the coziness of holiday nostalgia.


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