MOCO Fragrances is an independent fragrance and design studio based in Indianapolis, IN. We're all about the magic of fragrance — the personal, nostalgic, and experience-enhancing kind. We're on a mission to create goods that are both timeless yet avant-garde, much like the art that fuels our inspiration. Join us as we embark on a sensorial journey that's both familiar and wonderfully unexpected.


Croissant - Candle - 8 oz - MOCO Candles
Home Grown - Candle - 8 oz - MOCO Candles
Cherry Bomb - Candle - 8 oz - MOCO Candles
Matcha Milk - Body Wash - 8 oz - MOCO Candles
Paloma - Candle - 8 oz - MOCO Candles
Masquerade - Candle - 8 oz - MOCO Candles
Discotheque - Candle - 8 oz - MOCO Candles
Sucre - Candle - 8 oz - MOCO Candles
Dry Oil - MOCO Candles
Sea Glass - Eau de Parfum - MOCO Candles
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Embroidered Ball Cap - French Blue - MOCO Candles




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Our Studio

We make everything in small batches in our zero-waste studio in Indianapolis.

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Born from a passion for design, rooted in a fervor for justice.

Though we are a very small business, we love doing all that we can to support causes and organizations meaningful to us.